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Commodities AI


ChAI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) on all the data that matters to help manufacturing companies reduce operating costs and manage commodities price risk.

ChAI's vision is to enable all Finance Directors, Purchasing and Risk Managers to take control of their material price risk and gain 1-5% additional margin on their products.

Use AI to look at all the data that matters, including satellite images, freight movement, current prices, inventories etc to forecast commodity prices. ChAI's machine learning models forecast the price up to 1 year in advance, providing full explainability of the data driving the price.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.

Issues it solves

  • Commodity price volatility


  • Annual budgeting, determining raw material price risk, pre-emptive purchasing, developing commodity risk and compliance framework, supplier negotiation, cross-organisation information sharing

Recommended for

  • Manufacturers and other organisations in the supply chain with high exposure to commodity prices
  • Procurement
  • Risk Managers



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