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Change Management 101

Change Management 101

Change Management 101

Change Management 101

In brief

Delivering real, sustainable change.

Organisations that put their people at the heart of change are measurably more likely to deliver successful outcomes.

Success in business can hinge on strategic agility and the ability to execute. Solid strategies, processes and technology alone may not deliver results. It takes people to accept, adopt, drive, and sustain the change that helps realise tangible impact. Getting the best from people at every level when there is constant change is one of the keys to sustainable competitive advantage.

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1 day                   Classroom


Target audience

  • Executives
  • Senior Executives
  • Managers and senior managers who are involved in project management and transformation programmes


By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Understand the key principles of how to make change stick
  • Understand and apply the key elements of change management such as change impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and communications, change readiness assessment, training, go-live support and benefits management
  • Develop and manage a holistic change management plan for any project management or transformation programme



Participants will be able to design, plan, and implement an effective change management programme.



  • Welcome and introductions
  • What is change management and why is it important
  • Key guiding principles of change management
  • Element #1: Change impact assessment
  • Element #2: Stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Element #3: Change readiness assessment
  • Element #4: Training
  • Element #5: Go-Live support
  • Element #6: Benefits management
  • Pulling it all together: A change management plan

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