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A digital workbench that enables teams to analyse change impact, build a best-fit engagement plan, track progress on rollout metrics, and manage a portfolio of change initiatives across the enterprise.


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Issues it solves

  • Transparency: In many change management initiatives, teams do not accurately know for example, which groups are the most impacted by change, who is at risk and more
  • Effectiveness: In the past, it has been very difficult to continuously and accurately assess the effectiveness of the change management activities done by teams
  • Monitoring: Monitoring and tracking all the change activities is difficult for change management teams as it cuts across divisions, teams and roles in any organisation


  • Aligned change experience across the programme: Brings everyone together across programmes to coordinate stakeholder experiences
  • Decreased programme risk: Identifies and addresses areas of risk and impact hotspots to avoid activity overload to reduce programme risk
  • Increased employee engagement: Connects employees across the client’s global footprint in unique and innovative ways. Accelerates adoption efforts
  • Data-driven decision making: Enables change management and leadership teams to use data insights to make decisions on release priorities. Eliminates wasted development on changes that cannot be deployed
  • Increased time spent on value add activities: Centralised change team spends less time manipulating data to derive insights and prepare reports and more time engaging with programme leaders helping them prepare for change
  • Adapt to the change environment: Measures adoption and tracks sentiment throughout the change journey, incorporating on-the-ground feedback to track progress and adapt your change plan to be more effective for the client

Recommended for

  • HR practitioners (Chief People Officer, HR lead etc)
  • Chief Transformation Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer



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