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Cloud Access Management

Cloud Access Management

Cloud Access Management

Cloud Access Management


SailPoint Cloud Access Management can help you expand your access visibility into the complex and dynamic world of infrastructure-as-a-service platforms including AWS, Azure and GCP. SailPoint Cloud Access Management also brings this access information into your SailPoint enterprise Identity Security Platform allowing you to govern IaaS cloud access using a common set of tools and processes as other access across your organisation.

Issues it solves

SailPoint Cloud Access Management can help your organisation address:

  • Poor visibility of direct and indirect access to IaaS resources
  • Blind spots created when Identity Federation is used to assign Azure AD or Okta groups to IaaS access
  • Poor visibility of cloud entitlement usage and assignments
  • Disconnected tooling for managing identity internally and in the cloud IaaS world


SailPoint Cloud Access Manager can help you realise the following benefits:

  • A single pane of glass for fine-grained access to IaaS entitlements across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform
  • Ability to correlate and unify fine grained IaaS access across AWS, Azure and GCP to an enterprise identity IGA platform
  • Ability to alert on risky behavior and access through guardrails

Recommended for

  • C-level and executive sponsors interested in mitigating risk, improving security
  • IT risk and governance stakeholders
  • Cloud IaaS access administrators



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