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finbots creditX : Better credit decisions with artificial intelligence (AI).

Built by bankers, creditX is a full-scale AI-powered credit scorecard system that delivers high performance scorecards spanning the customer credit lifecycle – application, behaviour and collections – rapidly and enables real time application processing. Advanced machine learning algorithms automatically build, validate, and deploy real-time, high-performing risk models within hours.

creditX's advanced machine learning algorithms automatically build, validate, and deploy real-time, high-performing credit scorecards across the customer lifecycle - application, behaviour and collections.

Its intuitive user interface allows scorecard lifecycle management from data ingestion to developing and deploying new scorecards within just hours or days.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.

Issues it solves

Credit scorecard lenders today face three key challenges:

  • Low to moderate accuracy
  • Long development and deployment cycles (3 to 6 months)
  • High cost of traditional platforms implies that most lenders use rudimentary analysis and rules to develop scorecards
  • This results in large market inefficiencies, causing millions of creditworthy individuals to either not be served or pay too much to borrow money


  • Reduce risk costs with higher accuracy scorecards
  • Increase revenues: better credit assessment of credit applications and generates automatic counter-offers (within an acceptable probability of default) for rejected applications
  • Recalibrate scorecards on demand
  • Explainable AI: a detailed analysis of how AI is applied to loan applications
  • High ROI: sophisticated capabilities accessible to lending institutions, large and small

Recommended for

  • Banks
  • Fintech lenders
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Housing finance companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Car finance companies
  • Other lending institutions

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