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Data Storytelling with Visualisation Tool

Data Storytelling with Visualisation Tool

Data Storytelling with Visualisation Tool

Data Storytelling with Visualisation Tool

In brief

Reporting and dashboards have always been a crucial monitoring mechanism across all industries. Visualisation tools allow users to build interactive charts, turning data into a visually compelling story. Users will be able to monitor the dashboards with real-time data across multiple sources, giving businesses a better handle of customers, operations and the future. The right data visualisation can be the difference between having data that disappears, and using that data to make critical (and more importantly, correct) decisions.

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1 day                   Classroom/virtual


Target audience

  • IT
  • Finance
  • Reporting function
  • Risk
  • Internal audit
  • Operations



This course aims to provide participants with a better understanding of how to link up raw data, build data models and interactive charts. This will allow data monitoring, and enable informed business decisions. The course also covers basic functions such as filtering and cleansing raw data.




At the end of the course, participants will be able to take away key learning points and tips on understanding how to connect raw data into a data visualisation tool, perform transformations on the raw data set, and build interactive charts and dashboards for easier monitoring purposes.



  • Visualisation in action
  • Effective visualisation (Importance of visualisation and storytelling)
  • Data storytelling theory: What is data storytelling and visualisation tool / Visualisation services / Additional capabilities (An introduction to visualisation tool and its purpose)
  • Business case (Data storytelling practical): Introducing the case / Getting data from data sources / Transforming raw data (Loading and transforming data)
  • Business case (Data storytelling practical): Filters / Measures / Application of different charts (Applying various functions across charts)
  • Data storytelling challenge: Challenge / Evaluation and additional resources platform (Create a dashboard based on learnings)

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