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dCert empowers institutions, and businesses to issue, and check certifications in real-time through a decentralised, tamper-proof database. Become the single trusted source of truth, and protect your organisation, its stakeholders, and members from tampering, and counterfeiting. dCert reduces risk by giving recruiters, institutions, and regulators access to tamper-proof credentials. Take a "zero trust" approach online to make faster decisions based on accurate, and accessible information. With dCert, you are now able to issue tamper-proof, verifiable certificates securely, and conveniently for faster business decisions.


Issues it solves

  • Conveniently issue secure and verifiable certificates
  • Lengthy, costly verification process: anyone can easily verify the identity or veracity of your document, certificate, or credential with a simple verification interface instead of having to endure a lengthy, costly, and complex process of waiting for a body of authority to check and revert on the status of the credential in question
  • Fraud and counterfeiting: protect your documents, certifications, and credentials from being abused or counterfeited


  • Instant authentication: verify qualifications to protect the issuer and holder. No more lengthy, costly, and complex verification processes
  • Provenance: ensures the certification has been issued by a registered institution
  • Validity: cross-checks that the certification has not expired, or been revoked
  • API-first approach for greater flexibility and convenient integration options
  • Distribution: bulk certificate creation and auto-push of newly issued certifications

Recommended for

  • Certification authorities, clubs and societies, schools, training institutions, etc., and any industry or business that has to issue and/or verify a certificate
  • Sectors include: banking, finance, insurance, business process outsourcing, legal or professional services, Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and property, logistics, and supply chain



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