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Electronic signature tools save time, but can be a security blindspot. dSign is for businesses that understand the value and risk of online transactions, the value and risk of digital document journeys, and prefer not to share their data. This solution is built on Web 3, dSign enables true ownership of your documents and digital assets via verified sharing, tokenisation and smart contracts, facilitating regulatory compliance and adherence to document residency requirements, all while delivering productivity and efficiencies to customers. Electronically sign and certify documents securely from a desktop or device without complex setups or data sharing. Protect your data with advanced signature encryption and verification without sharing your data online. We have helped increase productivity and compliance tracking by up to 90 percent while shaving costs associated with manual couriers and checking significantly.


Issues it solves

  • Privacy and residency: maintain data and documents on-prem, or in the secure environment of your choice
  • Trust and transparency: digitise and innovate business and commercial processes while demonstrating strict adherence to governance, compliance, and regulations with tamper-proof, counterfeit-proof, and audit-friendly records
  • Security: minimise exposure to security risks by maintaining full control of your data and documents


  • Tamper-proof, counterfeit-proof, and verifiable audit records demonstrate compliance with governance, regulations, and procedures. All users can instantly verify documents and retrieve complete document histories to support audits
  • Data residency is highly customisable, ranging from full-service SaaS to on-premises to hybrid. Maintain true ownership, full control, and custody of your data and documents - there is no need to upload documents and sensitive data to the cloud or third-party servers
  • Significantly more cost effective while providing more features than alternatives, such as digital signature, video signing, and blockchain based
  • API-first approach for greater flexibility and convenient integration options, e.g. integrates national and private identity providers, such as Singapore Government SingPass
  • Draw, type, or upload anytime, anywhere, on any device. Over 80% time savings vs. paper-based systems

Recommended for

  • Directors of sales, head of digital/innovation, HR practitioners, chartered secretaries, head of admin operations, customer experience, line of business heads
  • Banking, finance, insurance, business process outsourcing, legal/professional services, Real Estate Standards Organisation (RESO) and property, logistics, and supply chain



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