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Endpoint Privilege Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager

Endpoint Privilege Manager


CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager helps remove the barriers to enforcing least privilege and allows organisations to block and contain attacks at the endpoint, reducing the risk of information being stolen or encrypted and held for ransom. A combination of Endpoint Privilege Management, Privilege Threat Protection, and Application Control stops and contains damaging attacks at the point of entry. These critical protection technologies are deployed as a single agent to strengthen and harden all desktops, laptops, and servers running Windows, Windows Server, macOS, or Linux.


Issues it solves

  • Loss of business productivity
  • High help desk costs
  • Increased security risks due to "privilege creep"
  • Increased risk of successful malware-based attacks


  • Remove local admin rights
  • Enforce least privilege
  • Allow quick adoption of Least Privilege by introducing Just In Time (JIT) elevation and access
  • Securely manage local admin
  • Detect and block credential theft attempts
  • Seamlessly elevate business user privileges as needed
  • Quickly identify and block malicious applications
  • Out of the box ransomware protection
  • Enable unknown applications to safely run in a restricted mode
  • Leverage integrations with threat detection tools to analyse unknown applications

Recommended for

  • Cybersecurity team



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