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Guided Strategy Creation (GSC)

Guided Strategy Creation (GSC)

Guided Strategy Creation (GSC)

Guided Strategy Creation (GSC)


Cirtuo’s GSC tool is an AI-driven procurement software that automates category strategy creation for faster decision making, leading to greater business impact and value delivery. It improves the category strategy creation process across all industries. Companies value the unique features and intuitive user-friendliness of Cirtuo’s GSC tool, alongside the superior value-for-money proposition of a license with an unlimited number of users and category strategies being developed.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.

Issues it solves

  • Digitises and automates the time-consuming and highly manual process of category strategy development - eliminating Powerpoint
  • Establishes one standard methodology and set of tools on a single digital platform - from analysis to strategy to initiatives to results
  • Eliminates inferior results and guarantees the development of high-quality category strategies
  • Eliminates all entry barriers and allows users with less experience in strategy development to get started and follow through till the end
  • Addresses uncertainties, creates transparency for all users and stakeholders, and safeguards all know-how and data for the company


  • Increased efficiency and valuable time of key resources in procurement saved
  • Procurement team enabled to accomplish more strategic work in the scarce time available - opportunity to cover more spend with strategies
  • Faster and better decision-making
  • Increased odds of achieving superior results thanks to sharper execution based on better strategies
  • Increased skills level in the procurement team - training on the job
  • Close alignment with all key stakeholders - built into the process
  • High-quality strategies only – no more inferior outliers
  • Reduced barriers of entry - everyone can start, anytime
  • Full transparency - easy to review and hand over
  • Digitised and safeguarded know-how and data - maximum sustainability
  • Collaboration across functions and within Procurement made easier

Recommended for

  • Procurement Leaders (Management, Performance and Governance perspective)
  • Category Managers (Efficiency and Quality perspective)
  • Across all industries and segments, generating value for Fortune 500 companies as well as for niche-player SMEs



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