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HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud


Background Terraform provides cloud infrastructure automation using infrastructure as code for compliance and management, and the commercial offerings build on Terraform OSS to provide features, security, reliability, scale, and support for teams, SMBs, and enterprises. The commercial offerings include Terraform Cloud, a multi-tenant SaaS hosted by HashiCorp, and Terraform Enterprise, a private installation self-hosted in an organisations private environment.

Issues it solves

  • Organisations use an average of five clouds, making it difficult to get a view of all infrastructure and a challenge to audit
  • Security and compliance are at risk from resource misconfiguration, manual workflows, and inconsistent policy enforcement
  • Research shows that anywhere between 20% and 35% of cloud costs are completely wasted on idle or overprovisioned resources


  • Cloud migration speed and scale are increased with infrastructure provisioning automation (workflow) and management automation (system)
  • Infrastructure lifecycles can be defined and enforced by policy to optimise security and cost
  • Terraform has hundreds of integrations with cloud providers, technology partners, and workflow partners, ensuring fit with existing technology
  • Terraform enables "Infrastructure as Code", to enable pre-approved workflows, policy enforcement, and manageability for continuous visibility and remediation
  • Works for both cloud and on-premise infrastructure, hence a single system for resources wherever they reside, on any platform (VMware, AWS, Azure, etc.)

Recommended for

  • Head of cloud programming. head of cloud operations, head of IT infrastructure, CTO, CIO
  • Security, compliance, and audit teams, DevOps team, finance teams
  • Any industry



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