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iManage Drive is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to the iManage document management system. iManage Drive enables effective information management by increasing DMS adoption, eliminating data silos, and improving security and governance. iManage Drive looks and feels like a shared network share drive in Windows Explorer, which enables nearly any user to store, search, and retrieve documents with no training or disruption in workflow. Users can install iManage Drive in less than two minutes without IT support with a simple setup wizard. Once installed, users can easily access, edit, and save documents to iManage Work via the familiar Windows Explorer interface. The result is that more critical business information is saved in the DMS, where it is secure, searchable, and shareable. Drive enhances the value of information assets and creates a stronger platform for knowledge management across the organisation.

Issues it solves

  • Data siloes & security & governance challenges
  • Users who are slow to adapt to file saving in the cloud
  • Linked Excel file reference functionality


  • Eliminates data siloes
  • Improves security and governance
  • Familiar Windows Explorer interface
  • Take content offline and sync automatically
  • Helps laggard users adapt and lets power users do more

Recommended for

  • iManage customers who have laggard end users and/or heavy Excel users



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