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iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager

iManage Records Manager


Records Manager provides a central interface with advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records on any device and from any location. A modern web-based interface delivers governance and legal hold capabilities for a variety of physical and electronic assets, including physical files, electronic documents, and emails, ensuring information is retained based on organisation retention policies and then disposed when it reaches end of life.

Issues it solves

  • Taking control of retention policies across content in iManage Work, as well as Windows file share and other systems
  • Track and handle the end-to-end process of eligible content disposition to reduce risks and comply with regulations
  • Ability to quickly find relevant information


  • Improve visibility of all electronic and physical legal documents for better decision-making on which documents are worth keeping and which documents should be disposed of based on policy requirements
  • Unified governance to allow data to be effectively managed in place
  • Keep pace with the evolving risk and regulatory compliance landscape
  • Eliminate the need to control and manage record retention policies in multiple systems
  • Role-specific dashboards provide customised views of key metrics to quickly find relevant information from a modern web-based interface

Recommended for

  • Records managers, risk, and compliance teams
  • Legal, financial, accounting, and consulting industries



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