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iManage Tracker

iManage Tracker


iManage Tracker is the first and only task management application fully integrated with iManage Work 10 that reduces context-switching to improve productivity. Tracker is designed to empower knowledge workers and their leaders to take control of their work. With Tracker, users can organise tasks and content, improve visibility, and reduce risk. In these ways, iManage helps knowledge workers be more productive, collaborative, and secure.

Issues it solves

  • Lost productivity due to platform switching
  • Limited visibility for leaders into individuals' workloads
  • Extend security, risk mitigation, and governance standards to your task management solution


  • First and only task management tool native to or integrated with iManage Work
  • Works within Microsoft Office and iManage Work
  • Inherits industry-leading security standards from iManage
  • Built to scale

Recommended for

  • iManage customers, lawyers, accountants, tax professionals, knowledge workers, and any industry dealing with sensitive IP



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