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Infrrd is a powerful tool. You do it without thinking — your brain fills in the missing vowels in our company’s name effortlessly. It knows what’s missing. So do we. We have designed our technology to make these kinds of connections, and at lightning speed.

Infrrd represents a new way of thinking about the data hidden in your documents. We use AI to extract data that can be used to fuel corporate transformation.

From old documents to stamps and handwritten notes to receipts, our system can infer what’s missing and fill in the blanks to get you more valuable extracted data. That provides the springboard you need to automate your processes, which in turn can transform your business quickly and efficiently.

Our AI knows how to find what others don’t. We make it quick and easy for you to get the most from the data you have, and to move your enterprise closer to incredibly valuable end-to-end automation.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.

Issues it solves

  • Claims processing takes a long time to do and is very labour intensive
  • Due to the manual work involved in claims processing, a lot of errors occur during the processing stage
  • Extracting data from physical documents is labour and time intensive


  • 400% Faster Claims Processing: Nearly half the documents were processed without human intervention while increasing accuracy and compliance
  • Reduce Error Rate by Over 90%: Cutting the expense processing time by 80% freed the teams to focus on more essential value-added tasks
  • 95% Field Extraction Accuracy: With 80% accuracy for handwritten data extraction while processing 22,400 receipts in a week

Recommended for

  • Any industry.



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