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Islamic Finance: Tax considerations

Islamic Finance: Tax considerations

Islamic Finance: Tax considerations

Islamic Finance: Tax considerations

In brief

Although there are differences between Islamic banking and "conventional" banking, there are some fundamental principles that apply equally to both. In particular, rigorous risk management and sound corporate governance help to ensure the safety and soundness of the international banking system.

In light of the growing importance of Islamic banks and Sharia-compliant financial innovation, the increasing integration of Islamic financial services into global financial markets serves to strengthen this point.

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2 hours                  Classroom/virtual


Target audience

  • Finance directors
  • Tax controllers
  • Senior management
  • Finance and tax managers/executives
  • Financial analysts
  • Regulators, academicians and accountancy students



The principal objective of this course is to impart knowledge and expertise in the field of Islamic banking and finance. It enables the participants to understand the basis of Islamic banking and finance; differentiate the elements between the Islamic financial system and its conventional counterpart. The course will also cover the theories and concepts of the Islamic financial instruments used in the industry.




After the successful completion of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of Islamic Shariah and economic system, the concept of Riba, Gharar and other prohibited activities, Islamic Law of contract, sales and purchase. Participants will be able to differentiate between Islamic and conventional banking and further understand the concepts of Takaful, Securitisation and Sukuk as well as the rules of agency contract (Al Wakalah).




Our Islamic finance courses cover everything from operations and the structure of financial products to the Sukuk market and Sharia-compliant alternatives to traditional insurance. Understanding the world of Islamic banking and finance gives you access to a number of lucrative, emerging markets.


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