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KNIME offers a complete platform for end-to-end data science, from creating analytic models to deploying them and sharing insights within the organisation through data apps and services. KNIME Analytics Platform is open source software with an intuitive, visual interface that lets you build analyses of any complexity level, from automating spreadsheets to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data, to machine learning. Users can access, blend, analyse, and visualise data without any coding, and integrate their favourite tools and libraries as needed. KNIME Hub is commercial software for collaborating and scaling data science, offered online as KNIME Community Hub or installed into a company's private infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud, as KNIME Business Hub. KNIME Hub provides a single environment for users across different disciplines and expertise levels to work together.


Issues it solves

  • Access and blend data from any source
  • Shape, prepare, and clean your data
  • Leverage machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a low-code or no-code environment
  • Visualise, discover, and share data insights
  • Cost effective, enterprise wide scaling with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), based on open source license


  • Visual low-code or no-code interface that allows to easily build data solutions and workflows
  • Addresses data blending and data science needs of any level of complexity
  • Ability to read data from 300+ connectors and data sources
  • Scripting in Python, R, and more to further extend the capabilities is possible but not required
  • Collaborate across teams and disciplines
  • Deploy models, reports, data apps, and services

Recommended for

  • Data analysts, data scientists, citizen data scientists, data workers, and domain experts across all industries



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