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Perfios Acclaim


Perfios Acclaim is a SaaS based health claims transformation solution isolates the Insurers from the complexities of various documents, formats, file types from Health Providers. It provides a seamless knowledge-rich framework that offers an end-to-end automation of the claims process; with more than 3X savings in claims processing cost from day one.

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Issues it solves

  • Perfios Acclaim transforms the entire health claims process by automating every step of the decisioning


  • Significant improvement in claims processing time
  • Accurately identify exclusions
  • Identify soft frauds during adjudication
  • Significantly improved claims ratio
  • One stop solution to transform the claims process
  • Gain intelligence on treatments, pricing and compliance across provider networks

Recommended for

  • General Insurers
  • Health Insurance platforms
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Health Insurance brokers



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