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Perfios AI is an Artifical Intelligence (AI) powered platform aimed at helping lenders make smarter Credit Decisions. The platform is capable of using both traditional and alternative data sources, onboard and configure client specific business rules and policies and thereby helps a lender obtain instant, reliable and scalable AI-powered Underwriting models that also constantly learns from behaviour patterns.

The platform also offers deep analytics and an intuitive user Interface to provide adequate transparency even at a loan level for every credit decision made, and provides Model & Portfolio performance dashboards that enable fair lending and compliance practices.

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Issues it solves


The following are some of the issues faced by Lenders in making credit decisions, across various loan products:

  • Subjective decision making
  • Inability to automate Business Rules
  • Long turnaround time for loan disbursals
  • Lack of knowledge in using non-traditional data
  • Siloed approaches to decisions
  • Tools that do not learn
  • Tools that do not provide transparency



Through an AI powered platform which digitises, automates and improves over time, the following are the tangible benefits to the lender:

  • Tap into unbanked or underbanked market segments
  • Increase and improve the efficiency of their approval rates
  • Decrease lending costs
  • Decrease defaults over time
  • Thereby improve ROIs

Recommended for

  • Banks
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions
  • FinTechs
  • Micro-Lenders
  • Anyone in the business of lending



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