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Perfios Insights

Perfios Insights


Perfios “Insights” is a Data Platform and a product capable of processing any form of structured and unstructured data to generate powerful insights and analysis, thereby eliminating the manual effort in reading high volume of bank and financial data.

The data could be image based, native PDF or digital at source. This is done using the power of Machine Learning tools that sit on top of the OCR/Parsing/API modules to extract the relevant data, accurately categorise, classify and derive a meaningful output for clients.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.


Issues it solves

  • Automates manual underwriting process


  • Improve the underwriting efficiency
  • Significant reduction in the turnaround time associated with the credit underwriting process and elimination of documentation related to fraud

Recommended for

  • Financial Institutions
  • P2P Lenders
  • Fintechs



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