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Powered by blockchain and software-defined perimeter (SDP) technology, the Block Armour Secure Shield solution provides a unified secure access solution that protects access to critical applications in an internal, remote and cloud access scenario simultaneously.

We ensure a secure identity-based-access for the user and the device, policy approved authorised access to critical applications from official and personal devices only if they meet corporate cyber-security baselines and a tamper proof logging mechanism.

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Issues it solves

  • Multiple point products need to be deployed in a hybrid ecosystem (on-premise, public cloud, private cloud) environment
  • Vulnerabilities associated with traditional IP-based access solutions (Eg., IPSEC VPN)
  • Propagation of malware/ransomware into corporate network due to zero-day attacks
  • Lack of unified policy based network access mechanism for employees and third party users in a distributed work environment
  • Tampering of logs by malware / ransomware prevents early breach detection
  • Lack of a flexible model of deployment that supports a hybrid network infrastructure


  • Block Armour Secure Shield platform provides simultaneous seamless zero trust network access to distributed applications and resources in on-premise data centres, hosted data centres as well as cloud based servers without the need to logout and login
  • The solution makes the critical application infrastructure invisible to the network, reduces attack surface and thus protects servers and applications from Zero Day and Unknown Vulnerability exploitation attacks. Micro-segmented access policies define just-enough-access to critical systems whether within LAN or outside of LAN
  • The Secure Shield solution performs authentication for both user and device and effectively provides a device posture check based Network Access Control (NAC) capability to ensure just-in-time pre-admission access control to critical applications for compliant devices
  • The platform (Controller) stores all the logs in immutable format which is built on a private-permissioned Blockchain and provides easy integration with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and log monitoring solutions. Thus, even administrators cannot erase the log records and any tampering / intrusion attempts are easily detected
  • The Secure Shield endpoint agent filters productive and non-productive traffic based on defined access policy and only sends packets which are destined for target application access based on parameters defined in that explicit policy

Recommended for

  • Remote and internal employees or 3rd party users; accessing critical servers (deployed across on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, managed service provider cloud) of industry verticals
  • Secure and compliant access to applications hosted in a hybrid infrastructure
  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance
  • Manufacturing, Engineering
  • Information Technology, Information Technology Enabled Services
  • Enterprises, Corporates
  • Federal, Government
  • Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Real Estate



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