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Swift Classifier


Swift is PwC's machine learning automation tool that analyses large sets of data and determines outcomes based on previously learned behaviour and feedback. Over time, Swift itself improves its ability to correctly make decisions, helping you to increase integrity and reduce burdensome tasks.

Common use cases:

  • Repair and maintenance expenses
  • Administration and general expenses
  • Legal and professional fees
  • Office expenses
  • Fixed asset addition


1) To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page. We will provide you with a customised offer based on your organisation's needs.

2) Pricing is based on the number of use cases.

3) Any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses we incur in connection with the above will be charged at cost.

4) The implementation and/or licence fees for third party software do not form any part of PwC’s fees as they will be acquired directly by you from the software vendors/authorised resellers


Issues it solves

  • Where tax treatment differs from accounting, tax teams spend a lot of time reviewing and classifying transactional data
  • Sometimes due to volume, not all transactions are reviewed
  • Inconsistent classification for tax purposes creates risk
  • Significantly reduces time spent on classifying large volumes of data


  • Eliminates line-by-line classification by humans. Human intervention required for review only
  • Improved accuracy, eliminate erroneous and inconsistent treatments
  • Identify opportunities over large data sets
  • Understand your data and improve readiness for review by tax authorities

Recommended for

  • Any industry and any department which handles large sets of data.

How it works?

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