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Tanium – Asset Discovery and Inventory

Tanium - Asset Discovery and Inventory

Tanium – Asset Discovery and Inventory

Tanium - Asset Discovery and Inventory


Tanium’s Asset Discovery & Inventory solution helps customers maintain a complete, accurate, and up-to-date inventory of your IT assets, which is more challenging than ever. Even with proper asset discovery tools, you are managing an environment with an enormous volume of globally distributed assets with complex dependencies, each of which can either fail and lead to performance loss or be compromised and result in an enterprise-wide security incident.


Issues it solves

  • Discover and inventory your entire estate with the same lightweight Tanium agent in minutes
  • Paying for expensive software and audit fees when licenses could be reclaimed or redistributed
  • Confidently make IT decisions that impact multiple teams with a single, accurate, and timely dataset


  • Access accurate, real-time data. Have an accurate system of record for all assets and access every endpoint in seconds
  • Reduce hardware and software risks. Discover unmanaged assets without the necessity of introducing additional agents or relay servers into your environment
  • Enhance the value of a customer's existing tools by leveraging Tanium’s real-time data collection
  • Populate asset data in third-party tools such as CMDBs, which can be refreshed multiple times per day, ensuring the most accurate information is available
  • Drive automation initiatives with IT service management tools
  • Reduce costs by getting the right data to reclaim or redistribute the software

Recommended for

  • CIO
  • CISO
  • VP/Director of Operations
  • Directors of IT, desktop, and client management



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