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Tanium – Client Management

Tanium - Client Management

Tanium – Client Management

Tanium - Client Management


The solution is a fast, flexible, and modern approach to client management.

Tanium gives CIOs a simple and actionable way to manage assets across enterprise-scale environments. Tanium collects real-time data from millions of assets and unifies visibility and remediation on a single platform. With Tanium:

  • CIOs create a complete and accurate view of their environment, including the health and performance issues that each identified endpoint carries
  • They automate asset management to identify and deploy critical patches automatically and proactively
  • They unify internal teams under a single source of truth and a single, extensible client management platform

Issues it solves

  • Getting and maintaining comprehensive real-time data across all endpoints in minutes vs. days or weeks
  • Not having to buy yet another tool and manage the infrastructure that goes with it
  • Offering a single, accurate, and rich source of truth that can be used across IT operations, security, and risk teams


  • Collect real-time endpoint data across your entire enterprise in minutes. If you can’t see your issues, you can’t fix them. Yet endpoint health and performance gaps can easily hide and constantly change in today’s diverse, dynamic, distributed environments
  • Create a single source of truth for operations, security, and risk teams. Endpoint health and performance issues are everyone’s problem. Yet internal teams are often siloed from one another, which creates friction between teams, delays action, and leaves issues open
  • Manage all your endpoints from a single, unified platform. Once you know your issues, it’s time to take action. Yet managing modern environments typically requires multiple-point tools that do not work well together and require lots of supporting infrastructure
  • Monitor for end-user performance issues in real-time and proactively address them before they turn into support tickets
  • Control your entire estate from a single agent that can deploy without on-premises infrastructure and operates without overloading your network

Recommended for

  • CIO
  • CISO
  • VP/Director of Operations
  • VP of IT
  • Directors of IT, desktop, and client management



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