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Today, all forward looking organisations are revamping the way they go to market, transforming legacy systems, changing the way employees work and adopting inclusive leadership styles.

83% of senior execs admit that strengthening organisational skills is one of their highest priorities, yet research shows only 2% of employees feel engaged by their organisation’s upskilling initiatives. Studies also show that people spend an average of 3.5 hours on their smartphones on social media apps because of the quality of content, curation and user experience those apps provide.

Drawing inspiration from them, Tigerhall utilises a Social Learning approach to create highly social, smartphone-first, hyper personalised, region specific learning experiences delivered by aspirational leaders and that are laser focused on delivering business outcomes.

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Issues it solves

  • Build digital capabilities required to compete in industries like banking or insurance that are going through massive digital disruption
  • Improve employee engagement and employer branding in industries like tech or professional services where the “War for Talent” is very real
  • Develop go-to-market and sales expertise in industries like FMCG or retail where consumer buying behavior has completely changed post-COVID
  • Inspire modern, inclusive, strategic leadership capabilities in top management through mentoring by industry leading CXOs



Tigerhall clients have implemented Social Learning with outstanding results:

  • Employees are happier (Average NPS of 82)
  • Employees are motivated to learn (Average usage of 43 mins/ week)
  • Employees are delivering more at work (Average of 90%)
  • Enterprises are achieving strategic KPIs (Number of CXO meetings, deals won, customer service NPS scores, 360 degree feedback scores, assessment scores by Hogan or Skillr)

Recommended for

  • Enterprises that want to implement Social Learning to achieve real outcomes for their people, businesses, brands and shareholders
  • Enterprises that want drive mindset shift at scale
  • Enterprises that are tired of spending time and money on LMSs/ LXPs/ online courses that don’t deliver on engagement, learning or business impact



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