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Versatile Leader

Versatile Leader

Versatile Leader

Versatile Leader

In brief

This programme introduces you to four different social styles, their expectations and strengths. You will learn how to adapt your behaviour to others to give a good experience and maximise productivity.

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1 day                   Classroom/virtual


Target audience


Any person who is keen to adapt to other social styles, to minimise unpleasant moments and maximise connectivity with others.



By the end of the session, you will:

  • Recognise the differences in people’s styles of interacting with others
  • Identify four main clusters of behaviour (social styles)
  • Recognise the strengths diversity brings to a situation
  • Understand the needs and expectations of each social styles
  • Adapt your own behaviour patterns so you can work more effectively with diverse social styles (versatility)



Participants will learn how to interact with others to produce a positive outcome to both parties.



  • Introduction
  • Four social styles
  • How to identify other social styles
  • How to adapt to each of the social styles
  • When you are in stressful situations
  • Let's practise
  • Conclusion

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