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Withholding tax

Withholding tax

Withholding tax

Withholding tax

In brief

In an increasingly global environment, payments to nonresidents are becoming more commonplace resulting in withholding tax exposure. It is therefore crucial for companies to understand its scope, applicability, mechanism and reliefs to ensure that it is properly accounted for.

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Target audience

  • Finance directors
  • Tax controllers
  • Senior management
  • Finance and tax managers/executives
  • Financial analysts
  • Regulators, academicians and accountancy students



This module provides a better understanding of the applicability of withholding tax (WHT) and various issues arising from payment to non-residents which might be overlooked by companies.




Ability to understand the applicability of WHT and various issues arising from dealing with non-resident service providers.



Withholding tax (“WHT”) covering:

  • Objectives of withholding tax and a brief overview of WHT
  • Services under a contract
  • Special classes of income under Section 4A
  • Interest and royalties
  • Other gains and profits under Section 4(f)
  • Payment for software/Public rulings/Exemptions
  • Impact of double tax agreements
  • Mechanism and payers obligations
  • Compliance and penalty provisions

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