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ZScore - Better Credit Decisions with AI.

Built by bankers, ZScore is a full-scale AI-powered credit scorecard system that delivers high performance scorecards spanning the customer credit lifecycle – Application, Behaviour and Collections – rapidly and enables real time application processing. Advanced machine learning algorithms automatically build, validate and deploy real-time, high-performing risk models within hours.

ZScore's advanced machine learning algorithms automatically build, validate and deploy real-time, high-performing credit scorecards across the customer lifecyle - application, behavior and collections.

Its intuitive user interface allows scorecard lifecycle management from data ingestion to developing and deploying new scorecards within just hours and days.

Note: To learn more about pricing, please contact us via this product page.

Issues it solves

Credit scorecard lenders today face 3 key challenges:

  • Low to moderate accuracy
  • Long development and deployment cycles (3 to 6 months)
  • High costs of traditional platforms implies that most lenders use rudimetary analysis and rules to develop scorecards

This results in large market inefficiencies, causing millions of creditworthy individuals to not be served or pay too much to borrow money.



  • Reduce risk costs with higher accuracy scorecards
  • Increase Revenues: Better credit assessment of credit applications and generates automatic counter-offers (within acceptable probability of default) for rejected applications
  • Recalibrate scorecards on demand
  • Explainable AI: Detailed analysis of how AI is applied to loan applications
  • High ROI: Sophisticated capabilities accessible to lending institutions, large and small.

Recommended for

  • Banks
  • Fintech lenders
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Housing finance companies
  • Credit card companies
  • Car finance companies
  • Other lending Institutions

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